Advancing Careers through Golf


of women who
 golf agreed golf helped build relationships and network for business


of women noted exclusion from informal networks like golf as the biggest impediment to reaching career Goals 


of women credit
golf with
taking risks
and feeling
more included
and Assertive at work 

"Golf might as well be the official sport of business. Relationships on the green often lead to deals in the board room."



Missed opportunities

  • To participate in corporate golf events

  • To build relationships

  • To grow business.


Facilitateencourage and



to learn the game 

of golf

  • Balanced opportunities for men and women

  • Women's Initiative Program

  • Improved client relationships

  • Business Growth

We Solve The 3 Main Reasons Why Women Don't Play Golf 

Women only events with peers and clients eliminate the fear and intimidation


Combining an online course with live instruction fast tracks women to proficient golfers

 Quality  Instruction

Kathy Hart Wood has an unparalleled reputation a teacher and player of the game of golf

"I want women to be able to go to that golf outing in the corporate environment, and play golf, and not have to go back to the hotel while all the guys go to the golf range,"

Condoleeza Rice

Customize the Perfect program for the Women in your company


Online COurse

Kathy shot over 100 videos to facilitate learning for the busy working woman

Learn hands-on and hone the skills necessary to play the game.

Take away the intimidation and get out and play with on-course intruction.


Bring a series of unique and interactive workshops to the office or conference.

Live Instruction

On COurse



Kathy Hart Wood is a celebrated teacher of the game of golf.  Since 1996, Kathy has been consistently ranked among the nation's top 50 golf instructors by publications such as Golf for Women Magazine, Golf Digest, and most recently, she was selected one of the LPGA Top 50 Best Teachers as presented by Women’s Golf Journal and Golf Digest Best Teachers by State for 2017-2018.  She is the owner and creator of GrassCeiling and, an online instructional course for women.



Be Included



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